An ABC/Booktribes event...

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An ABC/Booktribes event...

Ok, I know this may seem like deja vu, but...

Who’d be up for an ABC/Booktribes event in Brighton? I know we’ve tried before and it hasn’t come off – but I have a very good feeling about this year…

May would be out because of the Brighton Festival (couldn't get a Saturday venue this late in the day). June could be okay though. Whaddaya think?

If people are interested, I’d be happy to organise it with the help of any fellow Brightonians.

Lou x

p.s. Flicking through the listings for Brighton Festival Fringe – I did wonder whether, next year, an ABC event could become part of it.

Woo hee - I am sure it will happen this time with Lou at the helm! Who's up for it?
Assuming Brighton is in the UK, not me. Planning an intercontinental flight this close to June might be a bit stressful on both me and my wallet. Not to mention the fact that I have my classes. Well, good luck to one and all. To my KAIROS Brothers and Sisters: Doubt, Cry, Trust, and Live! KAIROS LX forever!
might be able to make this, give me a chance to see a mate in brighton as well
I'm not sure what would a booktribes event would consist of, lots of people going "So you like books too then" perhaps? Nevertheless, I imagine I could be persuaded down to Brighton.


me too.
and me ...
"I'm not sure what would a booktribes event would consist of, lots of people going "So you like books too then" perhaps?" I think people would have to split into different tribes according to the kinds of books they liked, then each tribe would be assigned to a particular corner of the room to congratulate each other on their good taste and, possibly, swap clothes.
might they daub themselves with woad and fight? if so i reckon the chick litters will make mincemeat of the fantasy gimps ... shall we take bets?
*makes note to include Frankie Goes To Hollywood on playlist* ~
i'd like to be in fishy's tribe, i am confident that she would look great in woad, and prove an excellent warrior
Anyone else interested? Upstairs at the Eagle is available (a pub in the centre of Brighton where we had the last one). ~
That's a good venue - takes about 60 at a squeeze. I will get the hags and harlots lot to come if I can - and one of my fellow Directors of Booktribes, David Keighley, is a Brighton man with many connections. It'll be rammed! Where do I stand to be in the post modern fiction section? Under the table is my usual position when the fighting starts.
Actually under the table is my usual position once the drinking gets under way as well.
Is there any chance of a lunchtime meet on a Saturday or Sunday? Will increase the possibility of my attending! Lisa
Saturday 23rd June? How's that for people? Re the lunchtime thing, what do others think? Is getting back the problem, Lisa? Would you be able to stay over? As it's a Saturday, I imagine there may be a few Talers around for the weekend. Would it be possible to have two meet-ups...? Btw, if anyone does want to make a weekend of it, I could get some B&B/hotel room prices. ~
Ooo, I think I would also like to attend. x
I'm in Reading, and I'm thinking I'd have to leave really early if it was an evening thing. From last year's experience, I know I'd want to stay as long as possible. Lisa
Oh blimey, yes, you'd have to go to Gatwick and change. Okay... luckily, Brighton trains to Gatwick are frequent, but it's still a long trip. What if, the gig started at 6pm rather than 7.30/8.00. That way, three hours would cover the main event for those with long commutes. The Eagle's fairly close to the station. In Lisa's case, you should get back to Reading just before midnight if you caught the 9.37pm. Another plus to starting early would be that - it's difficult to chat to people you've been wanting to meet for ages because the readings are in full flow, so having a bit of free bar time afterwards could be perfect. How would that suit people? Or am I missing the point and would more members prefer a lunchtime event? It's easy for me, I'm only five minutes away... ~
p.s. thank you for the good wishes, Redrecon. You never know, one of these days we might get one of those web podcast internetty thingies organised. ~
might be able to make it, though would probably stay overnight so a recommmendation for a cheap B&B that smells nice would be great. Juliet


Shouldn't that be 'clit litters' Fish?


I'll host the Cool Hand Luke Event. First person to eat fifty books wins. My webpage is at:
23rd June is in the diary. I will be there! when this was proposed last year, I do believe there was rumour of a poetry workshop type activity. It would be good to have an afternoon workshop and light banter followed my evening readings. jude "Cacoethes scribendi"
followed by readings not my readings of course. I know Lou has asked someone if they'd be interested in doing a workshop and I hope that somebody says 'yes'! I'd really like as well as a writing workshop a performance workshop. However I don't think I could ever do performance poetry because I know my voice sounds horrible. I've heard everyone feels this when they hear their own voice played back to them but I think they're just saying that to make me feel better!
Oh and can I design some flyers when the line up is confirmed ...for everyone to email to their friends or display in the pub/library/office/uni? Might pull in a few extra people! jude "Cacoethes scribendi"
Quick update... It's definite. Sat June 23rd. Poetry workshop with Fish in the afternoon (our Ivoryfishbone that is, not suggesting we all go wading with notepads). Some sort of general afternoon meet up TBA. 6.30pm onwards - Upstairs at the Western Front in central Brighton - slightly bigger than the Eagle, still near the station. Will give more details as they come up - gotta dash... (24 to be watched - Ben, where are you?) p.s. Jude, that'd be fab. ~
That's wonderful - I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be a Grandad by then too!
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