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Copyright Problems.

I've just noticed that another website dedicated to Bo Diddley has hoiked one of my stories, (ME, BO A DUCHESS AND THE FLAMINGO) which is a bit naughty as they didn't ask me first. Although they accredit it to me what happens if their site takes off? There must be several million Bo Diddley fans world wide. How does one copyright something on the web?

You own the copyright to anything you write on the web. If you want renumeration you'll have to ask them nicely or just be happy with the exposure. Or take them to court which can be expensive. I did a bit of googling and I see the website in question is a blog. This kind of unauthorized 'borrowing' goes on all the time on blogs. I don't think anybody makes any money off it. Nice story BTW. I spent quite a bit of time in the old Marquee myself.
Thanks Chuck, it's nice to have a fellow writer say good things about your work. Yes they were great times. I saw what was to become most of Fleetwood Mac at The Flamingo, they were called Peter B's Looners with Mick Fleetwood on drums, Peter Green on guitar I 'think' it was John McVie on bass and of course Peter Bardens on organ. He started up a band called Camel which was pretty successful, though more in The States than here. I saw them when they were down in Oxford and they had some singer with them called Rod Stewart; wonder what happened to him?


Cyril Davies? John Baldry? Julie Driscoll? Rod of course joined Steampacket and the rest is history. Did you drink in Finches on Goodge Street by any chance?
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