Onegin inspired short story idea

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Onegin inspired short story idea

Hello, I was watching the film Onegin when it came on Sky again the other day (1999 version, Dir. by Martha Fiennes) and I found myself falling in love all over again with the cinematography and the passionate stolen glances between the two leads, which in turn gave me the urge to write a short story from the viewpoint of Tatiana. However, rather than just reproducing the prose love-child of the original verse-novel and the film, at even more glacial pace than the film, I just wanted to get some feedback about my ideas for the structure, if that's alright...

So far I've broken up the plot into 7 key sections or moments, which are as follows: 1.Stolen glances; 2.Pining/Tatiana's letter; 3.Onegin's answer/refusal; 4.The duel; 5.Exile; 6.The return; 7.The confessions/tragic conclusion... Obviously this is a lot to cover! So, I guess what I'm asking is that if you think it'll be more interesting to a)write 7 very short paragraphs/moments that cover the above events, or b)focus on Tatiana's emotions etc throughout only 3/4 points (such as 1, 2/3, 6 and 7?)...?

Hope that makes sense and thanks for any thoughts you might have...

PS Here's Wiki's synopsis of the original story in case you weren't familiar with it and were wondering:

Decided to have a go, let me know if it works, here are the first 2 thirds of it so far: Will hopefully complete by this time next week. Enjoy, all feedback appreciated as always!
All done now! Here's the link to the third and final part: Thanks and enjoy!
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