Money Makes the World Go 'Round

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Money Makes the World Go 'Round

Has anybody else noticed how ninety-nine percent of the work for new writers is work you have to PAY to get hold of? If it'snot agents it's websites or self-publishing companies saying they'll make you rich or fmous or both. But, only if you pay them £350 for the privalage

I am on incapacity benifit just now (because of a genuine need) and trying to pay off uni debts. I want to use my writing to help build up my savings for the future. I can't do that if I'm shelling out cash left, rigbht and centre.
Please help!
I'd really, really apprieciate any suggestions.

Nothing but bad news. There is no money in writing. For legal freebies go through your university and download everything you can get your hands on. For ahem less legal try: good luck


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