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Twitter Chatter

Have you thought about using Twitter to enhance your writing? I’ve recently found a few writing groups that are either Twitter-based, or use it to publicise their writing.
If you’ve got a few minutes to spare there is ‘15 Minute Tweet Tales’ - search for #15tt
You are given an obscure ‘word of the day’ which has to be made into a tweet-size story (140 characters or less). The aim is to write this in 15 minutes. Great to get those creative juices flowing!
If you like the challenge of a 140 character story, have a look at #twitfic
I’ve had a go at #flashfriday. If you have a flash fiction story, (fewer than 1000 words) you can submit your story at, and then post a link to your story on Twitter, containing #flashfriday, on you’ve guessed it, Friday! It’s a great way to drive traffic to your ABC Tales stories.
There are other hashtags to use to connect with writers, such as #amwriting, #poetry, #fiction.
I’m sure there’s a whole lot more I don’t know about...
Twitter can be used to publicise your writing here and elsewhere, or it’s a great place to see what others are doing. Why not give it a try?

Steve Lakey. @shyrewode

They're great. Thanks for the link, Stan.


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