Soul Boy

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Soul Boy

The final poem film in the ‘Recovery Songs’ trilogy. This poem was tough to put together and was the result of a conversation I had with my therapist last year when I was encouraged to write about a life changing personal experience. 


I buried the entire existence of what happened to me that night for over thirty years. I masked it with alcohol, drugs and relentless ambition. It was always there though. Images on an endless loop running around the edges of my conscious like flicker cards.


Someone today told me that I had made ‘bad choices’ in my life and this is entirely true. But in this case, as a boy who just loved soul music, I had no choice.


Thank you to filmmaker, Nicholas Singleton for knowing exactly how to get the moment and mood right.




you are a brillinant man ralphy, but make your typescript tall as Samson so the rest of us can hear you. 


There you go!