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Elon Musk

Elon Musk has become the richest man in the world and has fingers in lots of technological pies. AI, Space X , ion battery manufacture and Neurolink to name only his most major projects how much is real science and how much is hype ? His public image is interesting a deeply considered presentation but with a wry sense of humour making grand statements but without wide antics like Donald Trump. 

Is he genaration X,s answer to Bill Gates. Being A Political is he a force for human advancement or is he helping goverments around the world usher in a dark new era where technology which is divorced from human constraint ? Just what do people think I am interested ? People debate politics all the time but this man seems to defy classifcation , he seems to me neither on the left or right in the classical sense , and his use of capital is interesting as with Tesla he seems to solve issues that goverments and old heavy  industries are unwilling to. I am interested in peoples thoughts  

Elion Musk is just a name I'm familiar with. He's postioned himself as the future of cars, because the future is green, and electric and he's had a head start, mvoing into that sphere before his rivals. Before the big car manufactures of yesteryear like Ford (which went bankrupt, only to be revived with goverment grants). Here's the rub, Musk's comapany is built on the inevitable rise of the self-driving, all electric car. The future is here now. But his company has still to make profit. It makes loss after loss, yet he's the richeest man on the planet. Like many other rich men, he feels entitled to move his wealth about and pay little or no taxes. He has enough persoanl wealth to last a 1000 lifetimes yet is the usual kind of entitled asshole. If, for example. he losed a few billion dollars as his stock falls (as happened) it's nothing to him. Yet paying a fraction of taxes is made to sound like armaggedon. I''ve nothing against him personally, but he's just a particular type (fling in most of the tech talking heads) that I detest. 


Elon Musk just collapsed Bitcoin with a single tweet, knowing people will panic sell. 


Larry Fink of Blackrock Inc. is the richest man in the world. Behind the scenes the world is very different to what is presented.


My nephew wrote his Master of Science dissertation on "The Impact of Elon Musk’s Tweets on Cryptocurrency Markets". An illuminating document.