Problem with the Captcha?

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Problem with the Captcha?

just recently when I post a comment or edit a piece I get a message about re using the captcha. or something like that. If I the repeat with the new captcha code offered I find It doubles up the comment.(embarrassing). I found if I ignore the warning and check 'read' I usually find the comment has uploaded anyway.

Odd huh? 

Could be my old computer keyboard double clicking itself I suppose?

We sometimes get double postings if there's a slightly iffy internet connection Ed. I wonder if it's something like that? If you need anything deleted and can't do it yourself, do let me know. Hope it rectifies itself - it's been nice to see you posting more recently!


Nexttime it happen I'll write down exactly what the message says and send it to you (looks like Ewan had this today?)

Although I do use wifi for my laptop, it can be dodgy sometimes especially at busy times


Ah it just happened when I corrected a spelling mistake it read:

> Catcha re-use attack detected

> The answer you entered was not correct

7+7=14 right. :)

could it be I corrected too quickly after posting and the catcha question hadn't cleared?

it again after I edited this it does look like the catcha question doesn't always clear quickly


It does sound like that!




I don't know Ed, but I will try to find out for you


Hi Ed, i've asked Ewan who is our guru of all things computer and this is what he says:

Alias already in use is what you get if you type in a 3rd piece with the same user and title after the poor connection has already done the double post thing. Something to do with the node numbers, I think. He should be ok now. I've deleted one.