The world will end

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The world will end

I think the world will end soon think about it next thing you know BUSH will be prez!!! What he has been O NO!!!

Really I think the world is falling apart.

What do you think?


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Of course the world will end. The sun will burn out like a candle. You know, like a candle with a roughly 60 million-year-long wick. I'm still expecting (and hoping for) a huge meteor though.
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This has nothiing to do with writing but I am going to wright a story about it so why not. [%sig%]
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T'would certainly end if you became the president my sweet little pumpkin. [%sig%]
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For thows who dont know I'm Butters!! I know supper shocker!!! But I need Charly to come back I need to know if you are a boy or a girl.(not to get all into your life but you called me your sweet little pumpkin)I'm a girl and if your a girl I mean I'm all for the gay rights but thats crazy. Thank you !!! O I did not mean what I said it's just your my first wrighter thanks a hole lot!!!!!!
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I think u r right Butters. The world IS falling apart and the END is near i really didnt get u.... what is prez???
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Hey I'm reading the book called Speak. annyone else reading any good books or fanfic?Butters wrote:
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