Cheapo computer wanted.

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Cheapo computer wanted.

I know ABCtales sell computers but they're still out of my league. My laptop is being repaired God only knows what it will cost, christ I may have to stop drinking to pay for it. But I need a VERY cheap back-up computer for when this occurs again, because I find it difficult composing anything while I'm surrounded by people in the library or internet cafe.

As part of the move we have 'rationalised' some of our computer use in the office. We may have an old but perfectly functioning computer that could serve your purpose. Drop me a line at
I am also old but perfectly functioning. All reasonable offers considered.
ages ago i tried to buy one of the affordable computers through the site for my daughter's bday ... couldnt do ... asked tony ... but to date i don't know why ... i have found two local eco businesses who do recycled pc's dead cheap and work for the environment too ... e.g. and (am buying one of these internet ready for her for xmas at £50) if i can find these two here styx you must be able to find similar near you ...
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