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Video clip of author talking

OK, the author is me. The video clip is on my new website:

You have to click on the teabag labelled 'consume!' (yes, teabag) and then select 'view a video clip' choosing either broadband or dial-up depending on your connection.

Be interested to hear what people think.


Roger - it would be good to hear you reading an excerpt from the novel, not expalining a novel I haven't read. As far as it goes then it loads well, you talk well but I want to hear you read! It would also be good to have a link to if possible!
Thanks for taking a look, Tony. There is an extract of the book you can download, but it's a good idea having me read. Thanks for the suggestion! (Why didn't I think of that?) I based my video clip on the sort of thing they do on the 'meet the author' website, which is basically having the authors talk about their books. It's also the way they do it on an American site called 'AuthorViews'. I shall add the link to abctales. Thanks for reminding me! (The website is a work in progress.)
Thanks Roger, I dont think I'd have the nerve to video myself, I'd get toungue tied. :-)


Thanks Joan. The trick was, I didn't think I was really doing it, just messing around. Then I thought, sod it, that'll do. But as Tony said, a reading would be a good idea. I shall have to work myself up to that, I think!
How will you do that? Will you write it out on an auto prompt page or straight from the script. I know that when I do any public speaking that if I practise what I want to say first then I don't use the term ERRRR every other sentence. Good luck with the next show , I look foreward to hearing your story.


'How will you do that?' I will probably read it straight from the book - I have a few advance copies so I can have the physical book in my hand. The hard part is choosing a section to read! And of course, doing the reading, something I've never done before. But maybe doing it for the camera will be good practice for doing it live, if I ever have to!
Practise makes perfect...or so they say.


Just join in with an ABCtales event and it'll all come to you. You'd be amazed at how well most people read their work when they 'have' to do so.
Good idea Roger and I like the site. I'm quite impressed at how well you explain the process of your writing. But yes, reading an extract would be great.
Thanks for taking a look, Tara. I haven't got round to adding the reading yet. But I will, soon!
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