Oneshot by Clifford Thurlow

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Oneshot by Clifford Thurlow

This is a cracking piece of writing - it brings in atmosphere, exquisite description and a corking plot with twists in all the right places. I cannot recommend it highly enough:

Clifford Thurlow - writing is done in isolation to be read in isolation and such comments are the oxygen that keeps writers writing. They are deeply appreciated and, good or bad, they spur writers to keep shaping their craft.

Clifford Thurlow

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Hi, I don't want to be the only naysayer here, and I mean no disrespect at all. I am new and have no grounding from which to stand tall in my overly plump assertions, but does no one else find this a little overwritten and hard to read? Yes, a wonderfully profuce collection of pungent words, but maybe a little agressive on the mind? Trash me, thrash me, or throw me to the organically grown grain-fed vegitarian dogs. But I had to speak here. I mean no offence, mark-overstepping, but to enjoy a tale I have to be able read it, easily.
I agree with Tony


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