The All New ABCtales.

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The All New ABCtales.

Isn't it totally brilliant!  Not one forum post about how to insert italics.  I'm luvin it.  

Thanks Tony for a steady hand at the tiller.  Lesser persons might have wobbled.

I'm luvin the All New ABCtales

Paul Curtis

I've not tried the italics button yet - in case it explodes after all the discussion on the subject!  What a joy the new site is


Help!  I have been trying to upload a poem from my PC.  It is saved on my Word in single spacing, yet when I upload it is in double spacing.  Why?  Is it something to do with my new Windows 8 which I hate already?


That happens to me all the time Linda.  I think that it has to do with Windows' disc operating system and the site.  If I upload from an apple device all the formatting comes in tickety boo straight away.

I think that you will just have to delete the extra spaces in your editing window here when you post it.  I guess that it is not too onerous with a poem?  

Good luck and I look forward to reading it.


Thanks Scratch I will give it a go.  I have already uploaded this one (DONE)  will pluck up courage to edit it as you suggest..  I rue the day we ever bought this Windows 8 it wastes such a lot of my time mucking about with it.




I can't believe that I have stooped to inserting that ridiculous emoticon.... What is becoming of my life?


Scratch - I. tried but no can do.  Poem on still with double spacing. I may just weep before slinging pc out of the window.


Same here, Linda.  I've given up trying., and judging by a lot of other posts, it's not just us.


I don't want to be the arch-moaner on the site, but I only seem to be receiving e-mail notification of comments on other peoples'  work I have commented on, not my own work.  I picked up several yesterday by looking down my page and finding new comments.  A minor thing I know, but might as well get it mentioned whilst still 'teething'.



If you think about it totaly rebuilding a platform as complex as ABCtales and the massive transfer of data that is involved must be a colossal undertaking.

I'm confident that if we are all patient these glitches will be dealt with methodically by the experts that have been tasked to do it.

Each day the site's performance continues to improve.

Thanks to everyone for your forbearance.




I know Scratch, it must be an awesome undertaking.  And it looks great already I am sure it will be fantastic when finished.  How clever some folk are!


I've laughed at myself. Really laughed. Trying to post a poem. I remind myself of my mum. Technology is just the weakest point for me. The line spacing was challenging me slightly. Started to swear and curse. Copied and pasted - still had lines in between. Abused the poem itself. Decided to only ever publish prose on here in future. My poetry days went under a bread knife. Went back to: 'I don't want it to be all gappy, you Mo Fo.' I've spent an hour editing in my browser. Then I remembered Notepad....the moral of my shameful story is don't get all caustic with ABC and use Notepad Editor for formatting issues.


I'm sure this has been discussed to death but the spacing on all my stories is broken... what used to be blank lines between paragraphs are now just carriage returns. It makes them pretty much unreadable. Is there any chance of this changing? Or do I have to go through everything I've written and put the spaces back in?

Hi John. I hadn't thought to check my ancient doodles, and you're right, the spacing's gone.

O pootles, does this mean re-editing each piece? Reassurance in gentle technical tones would be welcome :)

best regards xxx