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A Dialogue Question...

So, here's a little thing that's been tripping up my OCD lately...

If there's a name at the end of a sentence in a dialogue, how do you punctuate it in the following formula:

Example 1: "Eat the shoe, Bob," she said.

Example 2: "Eat the shoe, Bob." she said.

And in the case that example 2 is valid, would the word "she" be capitalized?

Eat the shoe, Bob? Then she went and got the shoe. 1 unless it's 2. 


If example two was the case then yes, 'she' should be capitalised:

Example 2: "Eat the shoe, Bob." She said.

However it would be more usual to go with example 1. 

A full stop at the end of the dialogue in example two would be acceptable if the prose were to continue on eg:

Example 2: "Eat the shoe, Bob." Catherine smiled at the thought of Bob eating the shoe.

I think.


Thank you! :)

Buenos ding dong diddly dias!