Still need more feed back chapter 2 (John)

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Still need more feed back chapter 2 (John)

Hello, DBUNZ.  

Experience shows that you'll get feedback on you work much more readily and far more frequently if you take the time and effort to comment on other people's work yourself.  I can see that you are yet to contribute a single comment on others' work here at ABCtales and so it comes as no surprise that the critique you are seeking is not forthcoming.  

Even if you perhaps feel underqualified to comment in an in-depth way a simple 'I liked this poem/story very much' will often be enough to garner a reciprocal visit to your page and a helpful comment in return.  

Over time, as your confidence and experience grows, you will be able to offer more insightful analysis and in turn your own writing ability will improve.

I hope that this helps and good luck with the novel! 


Wise words indeed from Scratch.