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Inspiration Points

It's been some time since I wrote an IP story and I can't remember how to post it nor do I know when the IP changes.  I thought it was on a Friday so I thought I had time to finish it by this coming Friday.  Can anyone help me?

Hi, Moya,

The new Inspiration Point is posted at the same time as 'Story and Poem of the week' usually sometime on a Friday. They are posted under the 'Blogs' section (and I think on the Home Page). You post an IP story by choosing the 'Inspiration Point' as a 'genre' when posting. Any help? Rhiannon


You've said it all Rhiannon! We have a link to it in the current 'Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point' blogpost which appears on the homepage, and you can go directly to it by clicking on 'Inspiration Point' on the right hand side under 'Read'


Thank you, both.