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1st Responder/Rescue Swimmer/Paramedic/ER Nurse Cert. Air Rescue/Life Flight Cert. Trainer-Water Rescue-Police. Freediver- Swim teacher for handicap & other traumatized souls. Love my Job*


Photo-Underwater (me) - Free Dive- Ascent @5m decompressing from about 20m. Taken by my former wife & friend.

Storey's = stripped chapter versions

146 of my comments have received 148 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Sat, 17 Sep 2022

Inspiration and Inspiring comes in many forms, arrives in a variety of ways....

For example this morning...... Just before dawn, getting ready for the day, watching & tracking weather, coffee in hand, taking a few minutes to read.......

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Posted in Harebells

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Just say'n 1more

Posted on Thu, 11 Jul 2019

I've been meaning to write a note here for while.....

There's really nothing I can add to the many compliments & accolades of your works.

I'm not here to, kiss-up, because you are very influential here....

My point is...

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Posted in The Courtship of Lapwings

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Posted on Sat, 10 Sep 2022

Its been said many times here, & I say it again, you're really gifted at this...

But my message here is..... I just realized, by reading your works, & I read it.....

I've been influenced in a way by you, not as a poet, but...

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Posted in "Autumn frame of Mind"

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Inspirational *

Posted on Tue, 30 Aug 2022

Sometimes Jen, when I have actually have time, I roam this domain and read both past and present.... I learn allot from that...

For example this poem here, and your others works, inspires me..... I can in live in that moment you wrote here...

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Posted in View Beyond

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Come-On Ewan*

Posted on Thu, 18 Aug 2022

Your quote "know which lies to commit by omission"...

Takes one to know one, I can read between the lines there RAF fly boy....

its clear what your saying... what are you not saying? = for the fans here ;-)....

(Easy, I meant...

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Posted in The Spy Who Was Mince*

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2 Thumbs Up* w/ a fist bump*

Posted on Sun, 14 Aug 2022

Cheery Basket 4sure.... 

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Posted in The Gift

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Posted on Sat, 06 Aug 2022

So pure, So clear, so simple.... I smile... & I remain a fan*

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Posted in Butterflies

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Posted on Sat, 09 Jul 2022

I really enjoyed this*.... easy, happy reading this morning, with coffee in hand.

The depth, the character of who your are, as it is written, I was almost there with you gents drink'n a beer... + the photo sets the tone.... If may say, you...

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Posted in My Name is Jerry Ryan

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Roe v. Wade

Posted on Wed, 22 Jun 2022

Ice... I just want to take a moment and issue a <non political statement> A European view, from a person, that used too, (past tense) and presently councils/ advises, from time to time, former work colleagues, operations in - asset...

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Posted in A Joyous Juneteenth

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Image is Authors own fault ;-)

Posted on Mon, 06 Jun 2022


Of course I gotta read it, have too! smiley

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Posted in Meet Ze Monsta