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Danny D Ford

Danny D Ford a.k.a The Unfolding Head is a bit of git. No, not really. He’s from Bristol (most charming city in the UK) but is currently based in Bergamo, Italy (relatively unheard of destination that cheap airlines refer to as Milan, which it isn’t).

He is regularly involved with spoken word events and has had poetry, illustration and photography published in various niche titles.

Since April 2012 he has exhibited works from the three mediums mentioned and is part of the team behind Bergamo’s first open-mic night ‘Dust Your Broom’.

The bits of creative stuff he ‘puts out there’ attempt to offer honest, observational fragments from “the mad locomotive riverbank sunset” known as everyday life. After graduating from the University of Wales in 2006 he travelled and worked throughout various parts of the world, tried and failed to dismantle his dignity for a media company in England before following his heart (and gut) to Italy.

facebook: Danny D Ford