Bee's Journey

Tree Me

I am a tree today
More willow than oak
I breathe with the flow
Air in my hair - I pray

For the fluster to calm
Each quiver leaf - stilled
Each bowing branch filled
With soothing balm

I am a willow, till tomorrow 
Laced with grace
Will not break
Will overcome all sorrow

I am a tree bearing wind and rain
Till they cut me back
Burn me black
Then I'll be ever free from pain


Love this Bee. Like the references to the trees. A willow full of grace and calm, yet can move with the flow. Rather than the oak that is sturdy, strong, immovable.. Some days you need to be a willow and other days you need to be an oak!


Some days a willow, others, an oak - how true! Thanks Joe.


Full of strength, beautiful.

Thanks Philips 


Beautiful, hope and sadness here.


Thanks Lindy.


it would be nice to choose, and to feel other. A tree seems a noble thing. Burn me black gets to the roots of the matter. ouch. I like this. 


Thanks CM.


'Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.' Kahlil Gibran


How wonderful!


Hi Bee

what a beautiful picture. And the poem is so deep and meaningful.


Jean Day

Sorry Jean, I missed your comment. Yes, isn't it a lovely picture! Glad you thought the poem goes with it, thank you.