Friday the 13th Vae Victis woe to the vanquished.

I am left wing. Let me explain what that means. The term comes from a reference to the French National Assembly (1789-91) where the nobles sat on the president’s right and the commons (commoners) to the left.

I am also part of the proletariat, Proletarri in Ancient Rome, Roman citizens who owned little or no property.

I am working class and allowed to put an X on a piece of paper every four or five years and told this is called democracy. My seat in the French National Assembly would be as far to the left as I could get from Boris Johnson.

Our democracy has given his class a mandate to rule for five years. I see that as an expression of the collective misery of our lives.   

Scotland, as a nation, once again, has overwhelmingly rejected the right wingers, but to little or no avail.

Vae victis – woe to the vanquished, for much shall be given to those that have much and what little we have will be taken away.  


woe indeed!!!


Presumably even the Jacobins in the French Revolution were men of some property at that time. I don't think the real proletariat had the vote yet, although I should really look it up to check.

proles didnn't have votes. think how women were not allowed the vote here because they couldn't own property (having smaller brains..) universal suffrage is recent but the result is still much the same because vast swathes of cash are poured into electoral campaigns by rich people who demand quid pro quo.