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I have 5 stories published in one collection on the site.
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The Pictures

The pilot sits cross-legged, hands tied behind his back A television picture for all the world to see Behind a lectern a President’s face is gray...

That's The Spirit

(Tamworth Castle Staffordshire is supposed to be haunted as the following story suggests) Editha, The Black Lady, looked through a dirty window in...

Revenge Is Magic

“She’s in there gushing - the smarmy madam. - ‘It fits very nicely your highness, whose shoe is it?’ As if butter wouldn’t melt.” “Sister, calm down...

Murderous Execution

I was used to the smell of burning flesh and the blood solidifying under the nose, down the ears and around the eye sockets.


The piercing ring of the telephone released him from his agonising thoughts. "Charles Grey." he said. "They've booked in as a couple, a ten pound...