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The Rape of Piker Niggard

With apologies to Charles Dickens ---------------------------------------------------- Piker Niggard scowled at Scuff over his bent eyeglasses. "...


Grass I want to tell you about grass. Not the sort of grass where soldiers lay Cut down by bow and arrow, Or by bullet or bomb. Not the brown stuff...

The Old Indian

With his head cocked to one side, Johnny Blue river, tried to imagine the totem pole standing upright. The carved masterpiece from Indian folklore...

Even Mistresses Moan

(c) Terry Moore 1998 Even Mistresses Moan Although the date on the letter said April the first, the contents didn't make me a fool. My decree...

Where The Hell is Charlie?

Where the Bloody hell is Charlie? Alfred stoodbarefoot and called to his wife. "Janet...have you seen my blue socks?" While he waited for her reply...