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I have 17 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
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Our Fighters

Our fighters Running . I was running. The sound of my footsteps mixed with the dripping water off a pipe fixture and a blaring horn in the distance...

A Scared Girl

It’s not that he was a good guy, Not that I loved him more than anything, It’s not that he was thoughtful or sweet. It’s not that he was madly in...


Rolling over, Pinning her down, Gazing up at him. Smiling, Laughing, Kissing. Kissing, Turns into, Biting. Laughs, Turn into, Moans. Shedding of...

The Monster Kills

Born into a family, Seemingly perfect. Three children. The oldest, a girl, Beautiful, very witty. The youngest a bright boy, Smiling, playful. And...

Apocalypse now (Pt 2 Not so ordinary noise compliants)

Not So Ordinary Noise Complaints Officer Richard Rollins was driving down a backstreet on his way to a house that had a noise compliant. Another...