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My hands were shaking with the sudden urge to strike something. I stared at the hands that actually took a life.

Outsider to Insider (Part 1)

At eight years old I thought of how my mom never paid any attention to me, how James picked on me, how I'd get bullied at school, how I was unloved, how even God abandoned me and took my father away.

I don't wanna be alone.

It was usually dark out tonight. The sky was painted black, the moon tucked behind a thick gray cloud. The occasionally star could be seen if you squinted.

Batman FanFic #1: Harley as an Anti-Hero.

The 1st of my fanfic, Harley is back and Batman needs her help to take down the clown, who Harley now hates. Why? Read & find out.

Too Disturbing For a Title

A short story from the viewpoint of a girl whose boyfriend rapes and beats her. Shows a brief look into the horrific lives of girls who deal with this.