The movie exposing the lie at the heart of US capitalism

I don't usually review films I've not seen. I don't make the rules.

'Reich calls "the hugh lie". That the free market is good. And government is bad. Government makes the decides who benefits from those rules and who is harmed. And increasingly that boils down to the rich and poor.

This is inequality imposed from the top.

42% of those born in poverty in the US will stay there. In Denmark it's 24%...Great Britain 30%...The problem is that by every index you can measure, inequality is worsening in Britain.

In December [2012] the Office for National Statistics found that the richest 10% of people in Britain own 40% of the national wealth. In London and the south-east, one in eight households has almost £1m of assets. The bottom half of the country has almost no net property wealth and only £4000 in pension savings. For them, there is just rising prices and the ever diminishing possibility of things ever being different from them or their children.

"Where America leads sadly the rest of the world follows."

Half of the US's total assets are now owned by just 400 people.'

Inequality for all that's what we call democracy.


Hi mate. I was in a pub today on the Isle of Dogs. Alan Brazil uses it a lot. He's gone up there today to do some commentary for ITV. But there was another five guys that I know in there all having a beevie or two. They were catching a flight from City Airport at four and were staying over if Celtic won if not they were coming back.. Good luck. You'll need it, Juve are a good team this year!


yeh, went to put a bet on Celtic 2-1 (wishful thinking on my part) and realized with my faffing about with pockets and cards and change had left the £50 still in the cash machine. So I'm already down. Hope the team will pick me up. In a way no pressure, but head says Juventus, but heart beat is alway Celtic. Thanks for your support.


God luck. I'll be cheering them on!


This is wrong, which is why I think it's a good idea to fight for a 90% tax rate on those earning more than a million dollars per year. This used to be what America did to get out of depressions, but sadly the special interest groups convinced lawmakers to do the opposite during a depression. Which is prolonging it not only for the US but the rest of the world.


Hi Donignacio. I'd evisage the gerard deparidieu kind of thing with a 90% tax, but my answer is to tell them to fuck off and live somewhere else. the rich rule the world. It's not a tale of them being lizards or eating children, but they do eat our children's future. I don't know what the answer is. But it makes me very angry. 13 million people are accourding to the Joseph Rowntree foundation on or below the povery line in Britain. That's double the population of Scotalnd, where I live. That the whole of London. It's fucking scandlous.


My perspective is if the super-rich want to jump ship to avoid taxes, let them. If they're leaving, they were evidently not contributing much, if anything, to the economy anyway. Who needs them?