Cerasus Poetry: call for submissions


Cerasus Poetry is a joint venture in association with ABCtales to assist selected members to collate, edit and publish their poetry collections as quality paperbacks and e-books, which will be available to buy from major online retailers as well as directly from Cerasus.


Successful poets will be given ten free copies of their books and the opportunity to purchase further copies at cost price, which they can freely sell and retain full proceeds.


Profits from all other books sold online will be shared between the writer, Cerasus Poetry and ABCtales.


Cerasus will make all reasonable efforts to promote your work via social media and by distributing review copies.


We are presently open to submissions from ABCtales members exclusively. Simply copy and paste three of your best poems into the body of an email and send them to us via our contact tab on this site. No covering letter or personal details required and please, no attachments.


If we are impressed by your work, we will invite you to submit a further ten poems for consideration and from these we will prioritise the poets we wish to work with.


All we ask is that you realistically have a portfolio of at least forty poems that are of publishable quality. We particularly value originality of ideas and expression and applaud experimentation.


Looking forward to receiving and reading your verses.




please could you tell me, if you are accepted do you have to pay to have your poems in the book?



Hello Di_Hard.

We are not vanity publishers. As stated above, there is a submission process and no guarantee of acceptance.

if successfully published, we will give you, free of charge, 10 paperback copies of your book.


From all sales, in all formats, we will pay royalties of 50% of the net profits.

If you wish to obtain more copies, you will be able to buy them at cost price and sell them on freely. But there is no compulsion to do so.

Hope this makes it clear.

That is very generous! Does it matter how old the poems are? Eg 10 years?


All that matters is whether they are brilliant poems (in our opinion).