'OUTBRANCHING' by Scharlie Meeuws

Scharlie has been a member of ABCtales for many years, where she writes as Yutka.

This is how she describes her new poetry collection:

“Words are my arthropod feelers with which I carefully sense my way in an outbranching


When a poem is a true expression of feeling, it can be liberating. The pace and timing
of words reveal a full and surprising range of meaning, which I believe is best
expressed through the use of simple language. While I like to depict the scale
of events, scenery and emotions, I prefer to do so almost invisibly.


Poems are small on the page, but can swell to fill the mind.


In this collection, poems drift in and out of inner space, explore loss and death, love
and feelings, forever interwoven with a thicket of branches, enlivened by an
occasional cluster of colourful blooms.”


It is available to buy now on our website: http://cerasuspoetry.com or on Amazon.



bought a copy. look forward to reading it.