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I had to follow this - I'm in the same age bracket, sort of identify with them.

I guess it shows 2 things, how a person's life is influenced by their environment and also by their individual character.

Perhaps being in the series has been an influence on them too...Several people said they found jumping back in to the public eye every 7 years was painful and yet they wante to stay involved.

I think perhaps the series should stop now. Death and illness are taking their toll. Can we bear to watch those who are left at 70?

Thank you so much to the generous people who have shared their lives for our entertainment.



I'm a year older than the people in the programme, so I kind of feel it's the story of my life too, in many ways.  I would quite like it to continue, if the participants are willing.  Partly because they may still have a lot of living left, and I still want to see what happens next.  Also because, as the makers have always stressed, one of the points of the programme was to see how the class and environment people are born into affects or determines what happens to them in life.  It may sound heartless - I would say it's the contrary - but I would be very interested to see the continuing effects of that class structure as they get into old age and need care, for example.  It has been an amazing venture, though, whatever happens next.

I've watched these in the past and they're absolutely fascinating - i'll try to watch this one now. thanks for jogging my memory about it Elsie - hope things are going well with you - how was the teaching course?


Never did course -chickened out !

I watched these programmes too.