Bloody Snow!

Damn and Hell. I was all set to compete in the Teignmouth Poetry Slam tonight. Looking at the settling flurries outside my window I don't think a single contestant is going to be there. We all live at least 10 miles away, some as far as Bristol and Dartmoor. The contest starts at 8pm, railways, roads, none of its going to be workable. Oh well I've got my act prepared for...whenever.


Do it, record it, and put a link to it here!  

Yet again, I believe you've got it far worse down there than we have up here in the north.  Even so, it's bloody freezing again.  I've just had my heating bill for this quarter (I'm usually pretty stingy with my heating unless someone else is here.  I'm a great believer in extra jumpers and fingerless gloves.  And the cats have fur.)  Grrrr. And Brrrr.

Hope it clears up soon for you, Elsie.

i haven't ventured into recording yet but will do it at the next meet I go to.

Good luck Elsie - hope it goes ahead. I think your snow is forecast for today. We had ours yesterday and Friday and once again I am living in Narnia - frozen pipes and all! 


Looks like some people might go but I can't face it. It's not only getting the train in, if it goes on after 10pm I would have blag a lift to Exeter and then catch the last bus home. And it only takes one snag, one train driver or bus driver who can't get to work because they live in a village that has got snowed in for the whole thing to become a transport nightmare. I'm going to the sauna instead!

Latest news - it got cancelled. Tim King our organiser tried driving to Teignmouth from Exeter and did 15 miles in 90 mins before heading home. At least he tried - the rest of us looked out of our windows and stopped right there.

Hope your pipes are working now, must be a pain.