Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point 17 September 2021

Difficult as always to choose just one of each.


Story of the Week.

I really enjoyed Mitzi 44’s ‘Busmar Astral’ which was tender, funny and ultimately uplifting. Equally good, but very different was houghtonrick83’s Isolated .

However, this week's story of the week is Marandina’s moving With or Without You.

Poem of the Week

Di_Hard’s ‘preserving time’ was as sweet and lovely as no doubt the jam was and I enjoyed that the title might be taken in two ways. Bhi’s ‘The Syllables of The Other’ was different and layered and stuck in my head long after reading it.

I’m pleased to say that Gothicman’s bucolic wanderings as related in A Paradise Not Yet Lost is this week's Poem of the Week

Check out the Inspiration Point here.