Story of the Week, Poem of the Week & Inspiration Point

Goodness these seem to come around very quickly. Still, no complaints here: some very good writing this week.


Story of the Week

In the prose department, I should name check monodemo’s Imagine, Charlie 77’s Behind 1 & 2, Mark Say’s Ghost Village and CSquirrel’s hilarious The Community Water Officer 1 & 2. However, I do have a particular fondness for Maddan’s sequence of monthly horror stories and so this week’s Story of the Week is his The Flat on Ashburn Street .


Poem of the Week

Although there wasn’t so much poetry as usual, the choice was still a difficult one, but in the end I plumped for RhiannonW’s Autumn Carpets which evoked the colours of the season in all their ephemeral glory.


Inspiration Point