If you take all the mistakes- tiny and huge I am sure they would outweigh the good. But that is what makes loving, kindness, care and good intentions so intense and so much worth.
Sometimes it strikes me: what would we do without the Bible? Without the 10 commandments, the story of the birth of Jesus and God? If all this hadn't been passed on and been such a big part of Western civilization what would it be like? Sometimes I think it would be empty. I am not a great believer but religion takes up a huge space in modern society and you can't reject it's importance for a lot of people.
I don't want to reject it's importance. I want to respect it. I may even pray when things look bad.
Life's a pretty difficult act of balance. I just want to get it right but keep making mistakes.


depends on what kind of scales you use. the law of compassion balances out lots of things.