Season's cheer

I am glad the holidays are over. They certainly didn't live up to my expectations but I did get to drink some cheap champagne( it was really only bubbly wine I think) NYE and saw the fireworks- I still remember them. The dog was so calm and we were right in the middle of them.

The dog has now been given to a nice man who is a hunter and has several hunting grounds. Oskar said that with his baby on the way he wouldn't be able to cope with the dog as well.His decision. But he misses his best friend.

Yes there is a little grandchild on the way- come May/June I will be Grandma again. The first one I never see as we are estranged- I have seen him once in his 4 years. Sad. I wonder what my son tells him about me? That I am mad and can't be trusted with a knife? I wonder?

Anyway new baby- My god I'll be an awful Grandma. I'm already a nervous wreck at the prospect.

I imagine a Grandma as Sheeva the elephant goddess. I wish I was! Several arms to cope with everything-multi-tasking- I can hardly walk how am I going to cope?

But I can just see myself with the pram going for walks around the neighbourhood- maybe on the common or meadow, in the forest- these are places I love- so close to peaceful quiet nature.


you'll be great Pia x


You'll make a great Grandma, Pia. Me, I still live in hope. I have my youngest son still living with me and my eldest living in America. He has settled down with a girl, who has two young children, but my hope is that I'll be a grandad one day. Treat yourself some more bubbly, Pia.


Hey Pia, Sounds like you have much going on in your world that is less than that of a positive nature. I have read several of your blogs and it seems that not all is wonderful in your world. Don't worry. All things pass. just ride through the bad parts of life as quickly as you can without attempting to force them to be over. Life has good and bad parts and the bad parts do not last forever. Unfortunately for us all, neither do the good parts, but they come again. GGHades502


I have become a bit of a cynic with old age GG and can't see much point in life anymore or death for that matter. Guess it gets me down on a daily basis. But I can be happy now and again like a fool. I still have a bit of love to give away so I guess I'm not a complete loss.

I'm not of the opinion that it is foolish to be happy on occasion, it is something to strive for. It's something to live for. It is impossible to be that way all the time, but it is good when it happens. I have been cynical most of my life and I am just now realizing it is not an ideal way to be. But, I don't really try to "fix" people. You still have some time ahead of you, it's nicer to enjoy it than to disdain it. Yes? We've all made mistakes. But, we can only attempt to change the future, not the past. We all have been fucked over, me more than most, but we can only ponder the past, not live there. You sound too much like my current protagonist. :D GGHades502


Thanks for trying to be encouraging GG- I guess some days are better than others. But change the future- I couldn't do that. I don't dwell on the past only the good memories and wonder about a lot of the other stuff. ;)Pia

The holidays can be a bit of a drag whether we are happy or not at the time. I actually find them to be much less stressful when I am on the other side of the world, far away from family and friends, and yes, I can do what I want. I don't have to go to this or that person's house and fill up several days with trivial tradition. So, that was good, yes? Maybe you should have kept the dog? I find them to be great. They always listen, always loyally seeking the simplest of attention. Sure, they sometimes shit in the house, but none of us are perfect. :) GGHades502


The dog was my son's and didn't live with me. Yes we miss him and I do think it was a pity but he has a fine life where he is now. My son is 21 and young and just couldn't cope with the thought of a baby and looking after the dog. The dog needed a lot of exercise and my son is living now in the city in a flat. But the dog is now in the country with other dogs. So it is for the best. As much as I enjoy my own company I like others company as well. But expectations are screwed way up at holiday time. I am not sure what sort of stand I take on this but as my family and friends are spread across the world it's impossible to be together at these times.I cherish the times I can be together with them which isn't often.

Okay Pia, Must have misread that one. I went back and reread it, and it still seemed to me that you were hanging out with a dog, but now it also seems that you might be comparing yourself to the dog. apologies for misreading or misremembering. You can still get your own dog. They are great. Or...get a cat..or a whatever you want...or disregard whatever I say. ;) Hope you don't wallow too much. Nothing wrong with being a loner, it makes us feel less pressured to follow the norm, yeah? GGHades502


No I'm not comparing myself to the dog. Don't know where you got that idea from? It's not that deep and No I won't wallow. Good advice. Just wallowing in the present. No don't want a pet. Thanks for showing your interest. It's really quite straight forward. No problems. ;)Pia

You could write your stuff for the grandchild. How incredibly lucky to have that gift to share. Dx

I'm still nervous Denni ha ha;)Pia