Better get over it.
Snowdrop shoots are sprouting round about in gardens- also in my garden. Harbingers of Spring- we are getting closer with each day that passes.


Hi Pia, Lovely picture of the snowdrop. Aaaah! yes...Spring just around the corner, new life coming, new beginnings, a real sign of hope. I'll also be glad to hang my washing out again, although to day has been brilliant...nice and windy, the first time this year I've hung my washing out. Hope you're enjoying your garden and the birds. Jenny.


Yes, a lovely picure. A couple of minature daffodils have opened in a bowl outside my in-laws kitchen – they are stuck in so they've enjoyed the sight very much. Rhiannon


not sure about that Pia. wet,wet,wet here. But then again that's normal summer. I love snowdrops.