Snowfall,pitfall and birds

Birds of a feather flock together. This is mostly true though as far as I know birds of prey don't flock together.This is a reflection. I reflect. I think. I ponder. If you are so inclined your victim is not a communal offering. It is someone you pick out for yourself. Though the victim may be a group- you, the individual, pick it-the group- out to suit/match your invention.Being a victim means being subject to abuse. You are the prey- food for the predator's survival. This means that you get beaten-up verbally in this case-by the predator who has sought you out. If you are a group , you stand stronger than if you were alone with this predator's abuse.

The best thing would be a flock of birds feeding on the purpose to enrich other's lives. Some birds are so inclined but the predators are there as well. In society they kill the quality of life- they try to- you have to be strong to survive their accusations and degrading comments- turn a deaf ear . Don't turn on the telly or the radio - or you'll get slaughtered. Somehow certain human predators seem to flock together- these must be buzzards- fighting for meat. The only thing is you are already down and out when the buzzards get to you- to finish you off. How do you escape- you can't.
This is survival of the fittest.Perhaps I shouldn't fall into the pit by believing that I am a victim. That would make being victimized much easier. Just don't fall. Stay upright and you'll manage. Laugh at them, argue or ignore. I prefer the latter.
They're all snug in their homes while the snow is falling, coming down in buckets and the wind is raging- a snowstorm. They don't have to go from shelter to shelter. They stay put and strike when least expected- just as you were beginning to feel safe.
I prefer to feed the birds that have a community spirit and don't mind feeding on seeds- who don't need meat to feel sufficed and who don't kill their like to survive.


I don't watch Tv or read the papers. I see enough from other people's and I've read all the opinion I need. I like your predators and prey approach. Out on the African plains it helps to keep your strength up. Keep feeding the seed-eaters. ;-) x

Parson Thru

We sound old don't we PT? Sometimes I say- there's nothing new under the sun! But I do admire the young people and their zest and initiative, inquistiveness (that's probably not a word!)- I don't believe in others marginalising individuals or groups- that is victimisation. But it is a very common approach to problems in society. They are problems to be solved. Challenges that a few take up and fight for.

Nodding vigorously. At work!

Parson Thru

it takes all kinds of birds to knit together the sky, not just the ones that are seen. You do you're part Pia. You work on abc as a volunteer and keep other's spirits strong.


Amen to that. Or Awomen. Or Awhatever you choose.

Parson Thru

Thanks for giving me a choice PT- very kind of you. Now what on earth did I write above- oh who cares that was last year.