Book Launch for Christine Hamill Tomorrow!

Her first (very successful) foray into publishing 'B is for Breast Cancer' took form on ABCTales and now her next book is being published tomorrow. Here's the lowdown:


A funny new children’s book by Christine Hamill

about the unfunny subject of cancer

Available 18 May 2016 | €8.99, PB, 180pp, age 9+ | ISBN 978 1 9104 1151 3


Dear Harry Hill

I know you must be really busy but please, please take a minute to help me. I am a twelve-year-old boy and I plan to be a comedian when I grow up but recently I’ve sort of lost my touch. Has anyone ever cried when you told them a joke? If so, how did you overcome the problem? Please write back because I really need your help.

Yours sincerely  

Philip Wright

Hello ABCers

Harry Hill said yes!  I have his blessing that I can include him in my book – and on the cover! 

And wait for it John Connolly – yes, the ‘Charlie Parker bestselling author’ John Connolly has endorsed my book.  Can you believe it?  He says it’s, “Funny, moving and strangely empowering in its determination to laugh in the face of the seemingly unbearable. It’s hard to believe that it’s a first novel.”

Some of you will remember when parts of an early version of this book appeared on this abctales.  I got loads of emails asking to hear more about Philip Wright, the 12 year old budding comedian, and his adventures with school bully The Yeti, The (gorgeous) Goddess Lucy, the Romantic poets, Mrs Chihuahua next door and his best friend Ang… and Philip’s hilarious and touching attempts to cope with his mother’s HIGHLY embarrassing diagnosis.  Through it all, Philip writes letters to his hero, the comedian Harry Hill, looking for advice. 

When I’d written it, I didn’t have the confidence to send it to a publisher so I posted little bits on here and you exploded with enthusiasm for it.  You’ll know I have first hand experience of cancer because Tony Cook and abctales were very supportive with my first book.

Some people might think you shouldn’t laugh where serious illness is concerned (but even Bee on this website in her difficult time has found the time to smile and make us smile).  And the thing is life goes on for the child even as it stands still for the sick parent. Children can feel guilty for getting on with their lives and having fun at a time like that. But of course they shouldn’t.  The Best Medicine is my way of saying so. The book is permission to keep on laughing.”

And the other message is, abctales got me started on the route to publication. It gave me confidence.  Keep writing you guys!

And by the way that fabulous cover is by The Project Twins are James and Michael Fitzgerald, an Irish-based graphic art duo.  Check them out on facebook.



The book is in all good bookshops and online. Take our pick from these.  Publisher is in euros but it converts automatically at your bank.




I remember it well. 


not sure what happened there ... can you see it now?


no, you've lost the picture. 


A brilliant book from a bright and brilliant author. Her struggles to get this published almost equal her struggles with cancer. This is one brave and terrific woman and I do hope that hundreds of us will buy copies (you'll love it if you do!) and spread the word about this novel.



Thanks, Tony


HARRY HILL says my book is 'wonderful ' and he's 'flattered and thrilled' to be in it.

Had to share.  Didn't know where to post this where people could see it and know what a nice guy he is - don't think anyone will see this now.