No Good Deed Update

Posted by Ewan on Sun, 13 May 2018

First of all, many thanks to all of you who have dropped by No Good Deed(link is external)'s (AKA the Gibbous House sequel's) page, especially those of you who have pre-ordered, pledged for or patron-ised the book. The crowd-funding campaign has reached 26% of its target. The campaign has another 2 months to run, but if you do the sums it is a little behind the drag curve. That's only to be expected with a sequel. At the end of those 3 months, Unbound and I will have to decide whether to extend the campaign - unlikely at less than 85% - or strike the tents - probable at less than 70%. Should the worst happen, everyone gets their money back, that's the deal. That's why The Three Ps are mentioned above. For legal reasons Unbound do not use the word "pre-order" in their promotional material. Lots of the authors do, because people don't understand the concept of a"pledge", or crowdfunding come to that.

I've had lots of conversations/e-mail or instant messaging exchanges like this:

"You mean there isn't a book yet?"
"No. There'll only be a book if the crowdfunding reaches 100%"
"Oh well, I'll just buy one when it comes out.'
"There won't be a book if crowdfunding doesn't reach 100%"
"Well I'm not paying for a book I may never get...'
'But you get your money back if the campaign doesn't reach 100%"
"I don't want to risk my money."

By that point I am truly exasperated, but of course I cannot show any of that - everyone is a potential patron of the book, after all. If you are interested on what publishing with Unbound is about, a fellow Unbound-er, Jeremy Allen wrote this blog post(link is external) explaining still further.

This cover, like the previous one, will never get anywhere near an Unbound-published book, if you can find it in your heart to do whichever of The Three Ps above is your personal preference, you will save No Good Deed from a self-published, badly-designed by the author cover. (No disrepect to those self-publishers who have put very good covers on their books, but they are in the minority).  

Learn more about No Good Deed here(link is external)