Poetry Monthly - Good News!

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that the lovely Noo is going to be taking over Poetry Montly, starting at the beginning of May.

We have such a brilliant team of people who offer their precious time to keep ABCTales a vibrant and supportive community and I am so grateful to all of them - thank you!



Brilliant news!  Good on you Noo. smiley

good for you noo. That rhymes I'm going to make that into a Scottish poem, the noo. 


Hey Noo, well done you!smiley



Great! Thanks Noo xx


I'm really pleased too, even though I've only had a go a couple of times, it's fun when I can. But can someone tell me if the paying things's started yet? I've not seen anything on the website but am not a great reader! Also, can you pay as and when you want to use it? Thanks and good luck, Noo!


Hello Catherine - very glad you're as pleased as we are about the non-demise of Poetry Monthly!

About the paying thing: we are still filling in the very last of the 750,000 forms for the transfer of ABCTales from Tony so it will hopefully be done soon.

Once that happens we can register for Gift Aid, and we intend to run on donations from those who can afford it. There will be nothing compulsory (except for entry fees when we run competitions etc)


Thank you. Glad it's all still going strong.smiley