Big thanks to Simon Whitworth/fatboy74 for this month's picks:

'I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through April's offerings on ABCtales and choosing just one pick has been particularly difficult, but here they are:
Story of the month was a devil to choose, but in the end I plumped for kilb50's brilliant two part story Something Hard Inside Him. There is a convenient link to part two, at the bottom of the part one.
Silver medal (in a photo finish) to canonette's Britanny, which I cannot recommend highly enough.
Honourable mention must go to these pieces, which were also really, really good.
Poem of the month goes to londoncalling79's towering and brilliant poem Monument. It's been an excellent month for londoncalling79, please do have a look at some of his other poems.
Honourable mentions for these two beauties from hoalarg1 and Jane Hyphen: