For the month of September our picks have very kindly been chosen by Mark Say:

Poem of the month

At sea with you by caribou_

A clever and powerful expression of longing that combines the sense of wanting someone with the knowledge that it would be a destructive relationship. It manages to simultaneously convey a sense of ecstasy and foreboding.

Other stand-outs were Tangerine Static by lavadis, a dose of emotional tension against a sordid background, and Albion’s Perfidy by Ewan, a simple but sharp criticism of nationalism.



Story of the month

Again by rosaliekemtpthorne

A taut and engrossing story about an estranged couple trying to resurrect their marriage. It conveys so much about the woman’s feelings through little details, builds in tension and comes to a surprising yet credible conclusion. An excellent story.

Also a nod to Life in Ties by jolono, a clever and emotive set of reflections on a man’s life told through his collection of ties and Occupation by Noo, an intriguing examination of the tension between life and death.