August's picks have very kindly been chosen by Ewan. Here they are:


Story of the Month


Top story goes to Insertponceyfrenchnamehere’s “Katy, A Ghost Story”, a story so good it makes me wish for the days when she had more time to write.


An honourable mention must go, firstly, to “Tight As A Boiled Owl” by Weatherwax which achieves a difficult feat, writing historical pastiche without falling into parody  - and still being funny.


Secondly, I cannot let this month go by without mentioning Hudson Moon’s The Son God, which was wryly, touchingly funny. I defy you not to laugh out loud at the Neanderthals.

Poem of the Month


My very favourite poem this month, chosen from a long list of absolute belters, is AJ Howard’s “A Conversation with Bohemia upon Arriving into Prague Station”. Odd, transporting in a couple of senses. I was on that train with the poet.


Worthy of note too was James F’s “Leaving Phnom Penh”.


Finally, I should point out that if there was an award for consistently posting thoughtful, image-filled poetry of great quality throughout the month, it would definitely go to OneMoreThing.