Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of April have been picked by Noo:

Hello, I hope everyone is well and getting through our current, strange lives. It's really great to see so many people turning and returning to writing as a way of keeping communicating with the world.  Quantity has not compromised quality either and there were lots of pieces that were contenders for picks of the month in April. 
My choices are as follows.


For our Story of the Month, I've chosen jolono's The Pub. It's such great writing about place and how people make a place and vice versa. It's affectionate, cheeky and a bit nefarious. It's also very wistful at a time when everything for, for now, is different. The past tense in jolono's writing here strikes me as particularly poignant.


My pick for Poem of the Month goes to little ditty for English rain. I like the stoicism and sense of 'we' that runs right through the poem. It's also got that making each word carry more than its surface meaning that good poetry always manages to do.


Well done to both for the picks, keep writing and sharing, and keep safe and well, Noo :)


Well done to both of you! Very good reads. 



Great choices!