Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of January, very kindly chosen by onemorething:




As always, with such a wealth of diverse and fantastic writing shared here, it’s very hard to choose just one poem and story.  


Poem of the Month is Kilb50’s To A Lone Sailor. Such a beautiful poem. It left me lost for words and deeply moved.


Special mentions: 


Rosa Cruz’s Fair Maids of February is wonderful - you can sense Spring on the horizon.


Socialeaf’s First Light glows with the simple hope of dawn.


Story of the Month is Simon Barget’s My Father’s Bones - surreal and darkly funny.’s-bones


Special mentions also for these great stories:


Bhi’s The Anatomy of Death - cleverly done, absorbing. Do read chapters 2 and 3 too.


I can’t help, but also mention Simon Barget’s A Day In The Life - it’s brilliant.


Celticman has written a series of these - all worthy of a mention.


Another writer who you could always trust to deliver a reliably excellent tale is Sean McNulty. This one is for schooled and unschooled brutes alike.


Many thanks for PofM onemorething.