Story and Poem of the Month

Story and Poem of the Month for May have very kindly been chosen by hudsonmoon:



“It's May, it's May, the month of yes you may

The time for every frivolous whim, proper or im

It's wild, it's gay, a blot in every way

The birds and bees with all of their vast amorous past

Gaze at the human race aghast”

So say Lerner and Lowe in Camelot.

What do I say? I say you bunch make it difficult to make an easy decision when it comes to doing the monthly pick. But pick I must. And the two pieces below are ones that sang to me the most.

Mark Burrow’s gritty tale reminded me of my old Yorkville neighborhood. We had our fair share of ‘numpties’ too. Though I never acted on the thoughts in my head the way the boy in this tale did, I do remember wishing I had. I was amazed at how much empathy I had while reading along. I think you’ll find some empathy, as well. It’s so well told.

On the poetic side of things I much enjoyed Yutka’s Impaired. It’s a gorgeous piece of writing. Relatable on a whole other level. I found myself transported to the point of view of the child and found myself getting misty eyed, but smiling. Then teary again. Though sex and age are never mentioned, my imagination saw what it needed. I loved it. So will you.

‘Lying on dewy grass grasping the pleasure of earth

with both hands

you smeared the sweetness of soil

Across your lips. . . ‘

ABCtales is a virtual treasure trove of wonderfullness. You're sure to find something that suits you. And be sure to have a lovely summer. You've earned it. 


Thank you so much for this -- absolutely delighted, especially given how many super stories were posted in May. 


Thank you for seeing meaning in my poem. To unsilence people without voice...hopefully this "poem of the months" finds more readers.