Story and Poem the Month

A very big thank you to skinner_jennifer for choosing the Story and Poem of the Month for April. Here's what she says:


Reading so many great poems and stories, I've found it difficult to pick out my favourites, but here goes.



After much deliberation I decided that Marandina's: Life Through A Prism just had to be poem of the month. It captures the hope and confidence that I believe in, and is very encouraging to read. 

Life Through a Prism | ABCtales


My story of the month goes to Jane Hyphen's Legend of the Pah 5. Married couple Alistair and Lynne have different ideas on life. Poor Alistair is so 

hen pecked, his wife Lynne constantly nagging him. Alistair loves his Audi Quattro circa 1989, while Lynne dreams of Chateaus in France. It seems 

like a classic example of a couple who started off happily, but over time have drifted apart. I won't give away too much, but reading from the beginning is well worth the read. 


Legend of the Pah (5) | ABCtales


Honours also go to:


Rachel Else Schaufeld's Daisy Chain.  Daisy Chain | ABCtales


Penny4athought Shared Existence.


Rhiannon Blossom.  Blossom | ABCtales


Di_Hard two men.  two men | ABCtales


Celticman Ugly Puggly.  Ugly Puggly 4 | ABCtales


Canonette The Ministry of Wellness.  The Ministry of Wellness | ABCtales


A Blindworm's Revenge by onemorething:’s-revenge

Weeping Willow by Julia B:


Oh thank you so much for the Pick! Humbled with so many amazing poets and writers on the site. Those pieces mentioned above are top drawer. Thanks again. Paul :)