Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem of the Month for June, very kindly chosen for us by Mark Say:
Here we go with Picks of the Month June 2022!

I’m migrating from the written word to audio for my story of the month. Sheep Without a Shepherd by colin.b – an extract from an audiobook – is a great slice of working class memoir told in a Scottish vernacular that makes clear it comes from the heart. It’s a lethal piece of social commentary and carries a real emotional weight.

Also highly impressed by Archie’s Place by rosaliekempthorne, a subtle and nuanced story about drug use and smothered regrets; and To We the Estranged Fathers by ice rivers, a concise and painfully honest description of parental estrangement on a day when the pain is especially acute.

Choice for poem of the month is Meet Ze Monsta by Ewan. It’s a short, sharp and dark piece that conveys brief glimpses of something evil and reaches a disturbing revelation.

I also enjoyed Midst Highland Shadows by skinner_jennifer, a vivid wallow in the glories of a landscape that provides a great sense of energy and freedom; and Orderly Re-Union by Richard L. Provencher, a joyful description of grandparents’ pleasure in the antics of their grandchildren.