Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem of the Month for December have very kindly been chosen by rjnewlyn:

Pick of the Month – December 2022


Well, many congratulations to all of you – an excellent month’s writing and as spoilt for choice as ever. 


Prose first and a wholly arbitrary decision for Pick of the Month from such a range of styles and subjects. Particular recommendations include a really-quite-strange pandemic-type story from ethancrane that you’ll probably have to read a few times over (, a finely written two-part child’s-eye slice of life from josephkolasa (;, a rather touching romantic encounter between two witches (is that a genre yet?) from Magnolia Fay (, and a wry and cautionary account of online dating by Truth42 ( Plus, congratulations to monodemo on finishing off Runaway Mother, which has always been a pleasure to dip into ( But I’m going to go for a ghost story and well done to maddan for a couple of excellent December offerings. Glitch was a great Christmas Eve post ( but The Flat on Ashburn Hill earlier in the month ( had the edge for me with its oddness, slow build, and very effective twist at the end (don’t peek; oh, and do try to avoid renting flats that estate agents can’t get rid of because of bumps in the night). 


Midwinter does have a habit of bringing the best out in poetry and there are some highly recommended season-orientated offerings from onemorething (, marandina ( and samhennig (, each of which will chill you as you read (in case you need to feel any colder), plus a rather fine micro-macro meditation on such things from Ed Crane ( Also very beautiful and touching were a couple of personal poems on loss from jennifer ( and Ewan ( But I’m going to go with spirits again, although plant-based this time, with Angusfolklore’s Barley Ghosts ( which I think is as suitable as anything else to accompany the turning of the year. Happy 2023 everyone!