Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem of the Month for October have very kindly been chosen by Turlough. Here's what he says:


ABC Tales Story and Poem of the Month for October

I was delighted to be picked from a membership of thousands as the person to choose our Poem of the Month and Story of the Month for October. 

In a normal month I usually read most of the work that members post on our site but this month I think I can say I have read just about everything. From what I have seen it’s clear that keeping right up to date is quite time consuming and also that within our ranks there are a lot of extremely talented writers. Deciding upon which work I think has been the best has been really difficult. Spoilt for choice is a term that springs to mind and if you were to ask me again tomorrow I would probably come up with a different selection. I would add that this has been very enjoyable task.

My congratulations to the writers of the pieces I have listed below, but even if you are not on the list you should still be congratulated. There are different levels of experience and skill amongst us but that shouldn’t, and seemingly doesn’t, deter people from writing. Everything I have read has triggered visions of people sitting alone and deep in thought with a pen or pencil or something more technical, each pouring their heart and soul out onto a page. So well done to everyone who has contributed this month.

And now here goes with my list. As you read it I’d like you to imagine the voice of radio deejay Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman and the music from the Pick of the Pops record chart show from the BBC.


Poems I have really enjoyed:


Ewan’s funeral for a (sort of) friend and the conflicting feelings experienced.


A warning from samhennig about the way AI is changing our world and, I suppose, potentially even the way our very own website works.


Ed Crane’s observation of almost unnoticed working women in a place where former war zone meets current tourist zone.


Jennifer Skinner always finds the perfect words to describe the nature around us and this wolf’s view of its world is no exception.


A very thought provoking piece by Ralph to reveal the feelings of horror and inadequacy as news of war breaks on television.


Whenever I read a poem written by pkroutray I see a masterpiece of rhyme and a vision of life in rural India some decades ago.




Stories that have stood out for me:


The short stories of rask_balavoine are always unusual, interesting and amusing. His words ‘the drinking hasn’t stopped since 1926’ in this piece about a basement bar in a Middle Eastern hotel would get my vote for Line of the Month if such an accolade existed.


The grim but funny Celticman Love Story series. This is my favourite episode but each and every one of them is an entertaining read.


Jane Hyphen’s multipart tale of an all-singing, all-dancing, all-hoovering, state-of-the-art significant other. Each instalment leaves you wondering what will happen next.


Poem of the Month

Identity, by lechenelf. I read this many times. A wonderful poem that questions our almost nonchalant attitude to war. In recent weeks I’ve wanted to write something like this myself but the emotions that appeared on my page could never adequately reflect the emotions in my head. For me, this piece is perfect.


Story of the Month

The Cold Thesaurus, by Lou Blodgett. A very funny tale describing the imagined (or are they?) strange things that the books on the shelves of a library get up to when no one’s watching. Look out for the love scene involving the 'lovely second edition of “Death on the Nile”, in Times typeface'. Racy!