Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Even harder than it usually is to make my picks this week. Thank you to all our writers and poets for making ABCTales such a vibrant place


Two absolutely outstanding stories have started this week and I'd urge you to read both. They're very different but equally brilliant. I can only choose one as Story of the Week so my vote goes to Drew Gummerson's very very funny Stick of Rock which I'm sure will be in print as soon as he's finished it, but please also read Taps by TJW which gets a very honourable mention:

Poetry choices weren't any easier! Poem of the Week goes to onemorething's breathtaking Ceiba (Silk-Cotton Tree) with more honourable mentions to Ewan's Where Are they? and Lenchelf's Contour and Wave


Here's the new Inspiration Point. I hope it works for you:

And I hope you all have a lovely weekend! smiley



Thank you for this.