Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point 18th March 2022

As per usual, the stream of good material flows ever on. It cheers me up no end to know that – every day – there is something to read that is brilliant, beguiling, or brave,. Sometimes a piece is all three.

Story of the Week was a tough choice again this week. Rosalie Kempthorne produced several of her off-kilter, disturbing, yet believable pieces. Part one of the first of them is here

Jack O’ Donnell (Celticman’s) fishermen’s tale ‘The Ten Minute Bore’ had the smack (groan) of authenticity , and balanced humour and grit with great skill as usual.

However, our story of the week this week is Mark Burrow’s ‘Nor There’ , to which I’m afraid my powers of description cannot do justice. You’ll just have to read it yourselves.

Poem of the Week  As always the times we live in brought out the best in our poets, so I make no excuse for choosing something serious.

A special mention for Marindina’s Het Boine and I did enjoy Frances Macauley Forde’s decidedly not topical Milk Money Door

In any event, this weeks choice for Poem of the Week is Jane Hyphen’s ‘This Cannot Be Our Home’ a wonderful take on the week’s IP.

Speaking of which this weeks Inspiration Point is here


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